Cinema Parallels:

Films reimagining

east-west connections

Banja Luka, Republika Srpska
Spring 2021
Dom Omladine. Djure
Danicica 1, 78000


Imaginary east-west circles connecting all locations that share a given latitude. The lines connecting all points of the same latitude in the globe.

We draw parallels through: 


art cinema

experimental film

Cinema Parallels is a film festival with a focus on socially engaged, poetic and political films productions. It will celebrate its second edition next spring 2021 in Banja Luka, presenting  films from different regions from around the world, which by their topic, idea and attitude make a powerful impetus and a critical overview of the environments from which they come from.

Artistic Direction: Adriana Trujillo

Executive Direction: Marko Sipka

Website: Eric Martínez

Social Media: Danna Polansky

Design: David Tomazovic

Photography: Drago Vejnović


Joining identities and sparking debate

through film 

Cinema Parallels is devoted to supporting independent and innovative films, screening cinema of the real in all it’s forms and diversity, through a special curatorial selection of international and regional films in the heart of the Balkans.

The Films - 2019 edition

28-30,  May 2019
Official Selection of Cinema Parallels 2019.


obscuro barroco poster.jpg
welcome to Sodom poster.jpg

18h / Obscuro Barroco

Evangelia Kranioti

France - Greece, 2018, 60 min.

A documentary-fiction about the dizzying heights of gender and metamorphosis.

20:30h / Welcome to Sodom

Florian Weigensamer Christian Kröner

Austria, 2018, 90 min.

Cleverly interwoven, the destinies of the various protagonists unravel the complex story of this apocalyptic society.


poster_city_of_the_sun small.jpg

18h / Waiting for Barcelona

Juho-Pekka Tanskanen 

Finland, 2018, 85 min.

Love affairs, friendships and the police on his heels. One of Europe’s young homeless men lets us into his life on Barcelona’s streets.

20:30h / City of the Sun

Rati Oneli

Georgia - US - Qatar - Netherlands

2017, 100 min.

The lives, dreams and destinies of extraordinary characters unfold amidst the ruins of a semiabandoned mining town.


good luck poster.jpg

18h / A Wild Stream

Nuria Ibañez Castañeda

México, 2018, 72 min.

Chilo and Omar seem to be the only two men on earth. Their friendship, surrounded by sensuality, becomes a love story.

20:30h / Good Luck

Ben Russell

France - Germany, 2017, 143 min.

Shot on Super16mm, a portrait of two mining communities operating on opposite sides of a hostile world.

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